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Nov 2, 2012 11:00pm EDT
fall 700 million out of the program. paul ryan takes money at of medicare? >> he has to buy a lot that is the baseline. but what is different with the affordable care act a uses the $700 billion to fund entitlements and other parts of the affordable care act. bryan put the money back into the system to make it solvent so current seniors could count on that plan to be there for them. rozum: we hear back and forth shows how complicated and dysfunctional health care is right now. repealing the affordable care act we need to approve it. that is why i support medicare for all where employees could offer health care not wearing about the bureaucracy of who profits. i oppose the affordable care act. maffei: in medicare and social security is a sacred trust. what ann marie buerkle says don't worry if you are over 55. there are cuts she supported i don't just medicare and social security to be solvent for over 55 but will third-generation as it has given bedrock support. >>moderator: to wrap up the health care i know where you stand but if the next congress should attempt to repeal the aff
Nov 12, 2012 11:00pm EST
presidential debate, the way she asked the question that we protect his choice to joe biden from paul ryan, the man who just ran for vice president was about their faith. she kicked off women's rights issue and health care by asking them about their faith. so certainly within the women's movement, because of the relationship that the women's movement to fight around abortion and contraception, specifically with regard to the catholic church permit there isn't enormous amount of incredibly progressive catholic organizations and feminist organizations that are very much a driving force of the women's movement. there is a bit more preparedness fair. there's no easy answer, but the women's movement has had a little more practice over the years in understanding this is a place where we will continue to have to engage. >> zero, i am eric thompson and i'm a member of several communities out there. and learning to get accustomed to the word community. i'm a little dated. when you look at -- i noticed that when it came to freedom to marry, that god had a lot of religious rhetoric. i wanted to know
Nov 13, 2012 11:00pm EST
that paul ryan was talking about? a voucher type system. here is the amount of money you have, it's your responsibility to go out and buy up land. >> well, i don't think he will do that. as to visual. >> can he get there without doing a? >> i think so, but it's tough. this is increasing the age of eligibility to be more close to the actual age in which people are living as opposed to the age that they were living in 1965 when medicare was adopted. the average age was about something. now it is closing in on 80. that saves a lot of money every year. i think the president has to show the public and the republicans who are acting to support higher revenue, that he is prepared and democrats are prepared to deal courageously. >> i think you have to realize here that the president has his own constituency. and if he gets too far off of the road here, he's going to lose the democrats and particularly, the liberal democrats. if the democrats who run the united states senate, where they tried to. i saw something the other day that when lyndon johnson was the majority leader of the senate, trent,
Nov 14, 2012 11:00pm EST
senators meeting off and on to push them through. >> there is a devotion. paul ryan said it is not their intention to raise tax rates. didn't want to agree to the tax hikes how will you work with republicans in the house? this is not what we will negotiate? there has been some change there and speaker boehner but up the olive branch that is the debt negotiations are all about. but look at the tax-cut issue as a major part of the solution and add that into other deductions it is a chunk of change. >> with the press conference . >> guest: i missed the meeting but they passed their blackberry around. he is clearly showing flexibility but the republicans also have to. >> host: you think by the end of the year will sort it out? you are confident? >> we will have to sort out part of it. fifth not every t in every i will be dotted. the estate tax issue where they are now with exemptions. the number of things that should get done and others could be extended there is m&a. the comprehensive tax reform is the hope to bring the business tax rate down with a loopholes to get rid of t
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4